‘Love Is…’ – A Series for Singles

“Falling in love is high on the priority list for many people today. With reality dating shows, romantic comedies, and a rise in dating apps over the past decade, love is talked about more than ever. However, the culture we live in has its own ideas about what true love is—and those ideas are contrary to God’s definition of love. So how can Christians today date confidently in a culture that doesn’t know what true love is?”

Join us on Wednesday, January 24, January 31 and February 7 at 7pm for three parts Right Now Media series, by Bible teacher and author Bianca Juárez Olthoff as she covers everything from love to sex, singleness, and dating from a Christian perspective. Falling in love can seem difficult—but with the love of Jesus, it doesn’t have to be.

For more details please contact Pastor Alicia at alafleur@mcassembly.com.