The Real Story – Nyles Beazer’s Testimony
2021 MCA Graduate

My journey through university has been a rollercoaster to say the least. Usually on a rollercoaster you will get to the scary parts shortly after you start the ride, my trials happened before. Applying to universities was nerve wracking but I was sure I would get into my desired school in my desired program. None of those hopes panned out. Feeling embarrassed and defeated, I took a year off school to “focus” on myself. Lost and confused, I knew God had a plan but I was puzzled because I thought we were on the same page. Regardless, I was blessed to find a job in which my hours were flexible enough to continue some courses on the side. I have realized that God will make us stop, and look along our journey and place us in places we never thought we be in. Where you might think this is a punishment, God is using you for a purpose to be an influence in someone’s life.

I reapplied to university and got in, praise be the Lord! My joy quickly turned to despair as I got my first grade back for a test I wrote. Fail. A miserable fail. In my journey I thought everything will happen smoothly for me as I believed to be in God’s will but, what I soon realized is that all these trials are for a greater purpose and that the season I am in is an avenue for where I will be and who I will touch. After that test, school started to gain momentum, my walk was getting better with the Lord and even though I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I was content with where He was placing me rather than where I was going. I had the opportunity to share my belief in Jesus and the gospel with my friends, coworkers and help some friends along their own journeys.

Life was going well, until problems arose the same way all of it started. I wasn’t going to graduate on time. *Queue the sad music*. Again feeling defeated and embarrassed, I was watching my friends advance while I was left behind. I failed a course 2 times before I passed and it was one of those subtle reminders that I am not in control despite my attempts to be. I can do everything right and yet everything will go wrong. My only hope and trust comes from the Lord that He has a plan for all that I am going through. And the Lord sure did.

Before I ended my university career I had completed two internships. The related internship kept me even through the pandemic and allowed me to continue my studies while working. They have now hired me back. To add, the Lord has blessed me in which I am debt free from school right out the bat.

One thing I take away from my journey is that the Lord has been faithful through it all. Everywhere he places you He has a purpose for you to carry out and that is to be a reflection of the Light to everyone you meet. Not too long ago my old boss died, whom I worked for throughout my university career, he was only a year older than me. God gave me the opportunity to minister to him.  God never wants us to focus on the destination but rather on the journey and how it shapes you. It’s the lives you touch and the lives that touch you that prepare you for His purpose, I realize that now, and no matter what trials come my way, He always has a plan and a purpose for it.