Bible Study – Every Wednesday Night @ 6:45pm


Those are the very first words we read in the Bible. In fact, for centuries, the way you identified what a book was called was from the first word or phrase written in it. “In the Beginning” is the name originally given to the first book of the Bible.In 250 BC, Greek translators changed the name of In the Beginning to Genesis – which means origins or beginnings. Genesis includes the origin of SO much: our universe, the sun, moon and stars, even our planet . . the origin of plants, birds, fish, animals and humans . . . the origin of civilization, government, sin, death, murder and war . . . and the beginning of sex, marriage and family life. What an appropriate name change!

Genesis not only deals with origins, it deals with questions of life. Where did our universe come from? Why are we here? Why do we have to die? These questions cannot be answered by just any human being; the only person who can really answer them is God Himself.

Beginning January 19, join Pastor Alicia and Pastor Conrad over Zoom Wednesday nights at 6:45pm to explore what God said, “in the beginning” and what He continues to say to us today.


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