Why realstory.ca?
In 2015 a popular coffee franchise began promoting the disappearance of Christmas. MCA decided enough was enough; it was time for a cultural counterbalance. So we registered the domain realstory.ca and started posting factual Biblical narratives of why we celebrate Christmas, why we observe Easter, why we believe in Jesus as our risen Saviour and why you and I have the confident hope of eternity with Him.

Scroll down to read fresh posts with Real stories, by Real people, of the Real Jesus and the Real impact He is having in their lives today.

Testimonials from 2021 MCA Graduates

Nyles Beazer
Nyles Beazer2021 MCA Graduate
My journey through university has been a rollercoaster to say the least. Usually on a rollercoaster you will get to the scary parts shortly after you start the ride, my trials happened before. Applying to universities was nerve wracking but I was sure I would get into my desired school in my desired program.
Jesse Daley
Jesse Daley2021 MCA Graduate
My time throughout college definitely was not a traditional one to say the least. From
dropping out of my dream school at the time, to bouncing from program to program, to
going through college strikes and finishing my thesis during a pandemic…it’s been quite
eventful to say the least.
Jemima Vijayasenan
Jemima Vijayasenan2021 MCA Graduate
I can 100 percent say that all my achievements and successes in school were because of God. Beginning high school I didn’t have any major interests or achievements like many of my peers. I felt like an very average student with not nothing much to give.

Invite-A-Friend Sunday

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, we asked Judith Jackson, Melissa Lovatt and Craig Lovatt to share what life was like for them before they met Jesus and what it has been like since that point in their lives. This is the video recording of that service. You can also read each persons testimony below.

Judith Jackson
Judith JacksonMCA Member
My life before Christ Jesus I can sum up in one word, FEAR. I was afraid of the future, crowds, death, celebration. Afraid to live. I was in church one Sunday; this was about 10 years ago. I still remember where I was sitting. The word was about finding freedom in Christ.
Craig Lovatt
Craig LovattMCA Member
There’s a story in the Bible of a man named Saul. Saul was, at one time, thought to be one of the greatest persecutors of Christianity and Christians. While he was travelling one day (on his way to persecute Christians) he was stopped dead in his tracks by a great light that caused him to fall to the ground and tremble. A voice spoke clearly to him revealing that it was the voice of none other than Jesus.
Melissa Lovatt
Melissa LovattMCA Member
Growing up, I knew of God. My family was Catholic by default. As Filipinos, it was culturally normal to attend mass every Sunday. But it was just a religion to me. A list of do’s and don’ts, reciting prayers in hopes to gain good standing, and attending a Catholic school with little to no remorse. It felt good to be religious. But the feeling never lasted.