Fund Missions @ MCA

Do you desire to see change in our world? Have you ever witnessed a natural disaster or a disease that has destroyed a nation? Have you ever come across a homeless person and said to yourself, "I wish I could do something to help people in need"? We have great news...YOU CAN DO SOMETHING!

We support 8 missionary families around the world every month. For more information about out missionaries please visit the ABOUT US page on our website. Every March and October our focus is Missions. Our goal is to raise funds for specific projects both in our community and around the world.

If you need more information please contact Pastor Sam by email at svijayasenan@mcassembly.com or phone at 416.284.4853 ext.279.

Current Missions Projects

OCTOBER 2018 GOAL: $80,000      FINAL TOTAL GIVEN: $83,126.17

We are praising our Lord and Saviour Jesus that we were able to reach our $80,000 and can now fund all 13 projects on this list. Thank you to each and every one of you who sacrificed to give towards the October 2018 missions month.


Toronto, Canada - Matthew House - $5,000  |  MATTHEW HOUSE VIDEO  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Matthew House is a faith-based organization that is inspired and motivated by the life and teachings of Jesus. We believe all people are worthy of dignity, honour, and respect. We serve people of all faiths and advocate for the well-being of each individual.

Toronto, Canada - Daily Bread Food Bank ($2,500)  |  WATCH VIDEO  |  VISIT WEBSITE
The Daily Bread Food Bank believes that access to food is a basic human right, not a privilege. No one should go hungry. They believe that no one should face barriers in accessing food.

Toronto, Canada - Mornelle Court Outreach/Food Bank ($3,500)
We are donating $3,500 to the Food Bank that runs and operates out of Mornelle Court, located right here in Scarborough. This initiative provides food and support to over 200 families in the neighbourhood of Mornelle Court.

Toronto, Canada - Rehab Ministries ($4,000)  |  VISIT WEBPAGE
The Rahab outreach team visits various massage parlours throughout Toronto, offering services and help for the women working in them. The women are embraced with smiles and warmth. Small gifts are given to them as a gesture of love and care. Over time, relationships are built, with opportunities for deeper conversations on their lives and their faith.

Toronto, Canada - Pregnancy Care Centre ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBPAGE
In a city like Toronto it’s normal to feel isolated, alone, and overwhelmed, especially when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. The Pregnancy Care Centre was established in 1984 as a Christian non-profit, non-political, charitable organization to offer valuable community support. We are funded solely by donations from individuals, businesses and churches.


Turkana, Africa - Deborah Sirjoosingh ($15,000)  |  WATCH VIDEO  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Deborah is called to serve Jesus in North West Kenya among the Turkana people in Loima location. Her vision is, in partnership with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Kenya (PAG-K), to continue to reach the unreached communities on Loima Hills with the Gospel, plant churches and disciple new believers. Each individual and community will have access to compassionate care with HOPE in Jesus for the future. Also, engage in dialogue for healthy partnership between PAOC, PAG-K, and Christ is the Answer Ministries Kenya (CITAM).

Liberia, Africa - Dan & Donna Davies ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Dan and Donna have a passion for ministry in missions, building capacity in Liberia that will bring the Good News of the Gospel to the lost. Dan and Donna worked for the past two and a half years in Canada, providing training for over 200 missionaries for overseas ministry. Dan is an MK, born in Vancouver and raised in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Donna has worked in Women’s Ministries with Sandra Gill, ministering in over eleven countries – the latest ministry in India in 2010.


Myanmar - Micro Business ($5,000)
This $5,000 will be distributed to 5,000 women farmers in Myanmar who are looking to start their own businesses in order to help feed their families and the communities.

Philippines (typoon) & Kerala, India (floods) - Emergency Relief & Development Overseas (ERDO)  |  WATCH VIDEO  |  VISIT WEBSITE
A massive famine struck Ethiopia in 1983, and before it had finished, an estimated one million people lost their lives. To respond to the massive need, leaders at The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada made a decision that would bring focus, energy and resources in a new way to serve the sick and hungry. From the biblical call to “do good”, Emergency Relief & Development Overseas, or ERDO, was born.


Dominican Republic - Luz alas Naciones Ministries  |  VISIT WEBSITE
For over 20 years, Luz a las Naciones (Light to the Nations) has brought hope and change to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and India. Founded by Richard Brochu, LLNM, has served communities across the globe providing crucial support in areas like literacy, vocational training, hot meals and hope through the Gospel.

Nicaragua - Bible League  |  WATCH VIDEO  |  VISIT WEBSITE
We partner with Christian Ministry Organizations to reach people in over 40 countries worldwide. This work falls into four categories of programs: Children's Ministry, Starting New Churches, Adult Bible-Based Literacy, and work within the Persecuted Church. We equip local champions to bring God's Word to people living in spiritual and physical poverty. The power of the Holy Spirit is working to transform communities, and even entire nations, from the inside out.


Paris, France - Peter & Patricia DeWit  |  VISIT WEBSITE
The DeWits desire to serve the leaders of Paris, connecting with them, learning from them as they build Gospel movements that help their city write a better story. The DeWits are partnering with visionary leadership of two young churches in the city, as well as coming alongside a community of Parisian creatives excited about reimagining this Hope, rooted in the way of Jesus.