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Do you desire to see change in our world? Have you ever witnessed a natural disaster or a disease that has destroyed a nation? Have you ever come across a homeless person and said to yourself, "I wish I could do something to help people in need"? We have great news...YOU CAN DO SOMETHING!

We support 8 missionary families around the world every month. For more information about out missionaries please visit the ABOUT US page on our website. Every March and October our focus is Missions. Our goal is to raise funds for specific projects both in our community and around the world.

If you need more information please contact Pastor Sam by email at svijayasenan@mcassembly.com or phone at 416.284.4853 ext.279.

Current Missions Projects

OCTOBER 2019 GOAL: $80,000

Twice a month, every year, here at MCA is Missions Month. This is a time of year when we come together with our church family and community in order to raise additional money, above our regular giving, to help fund various projects around the world. We are inviting you to come alongside us as we take on the list of projects that are shown below. We look forward to what God is going to do through you as you give! Click the yellow DONATE button at the top of the page to give right now.

Total raised to date: $115,944.87!

Praise be to God! We are so happy and pleased to announce that we have not only reached the $80,000 goal but have surpassed it! God is so good! We thank each and every one of you that particpated in this past October Mission Convention. Thank you for giving and sacrificing and partnering with us as we reach out all over the world to bless the many different countries and projects on our list. Please stay tuned to find out where the additional funds will be sent.


Malvern, Toronto, Canada - Pregnancy Care Centre ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Unexpected Pregnancy? You Are Not Alone. The Toronto Pregnancy Care Centre provides free pregnancy tests and a non-judgmental, safe place to discuss your pregnancy options.

Malvern, Toronto, Canada - Daily Bread Food Bank ($2,500)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Since launching its Farm to Food Bank program, Daily Bread has rescued hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh, “perfectly imperfect” produce from area farms and distributed them to food banks across the city.

Regent Park, Toronto, Canada - Pastor Mark Goring - church plant in Toronto ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE

Toronto, Canada - The Scott Mission ($4,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
The Scott Mission, empowered by God’s grace and provision, welcomes individuals and families to access spiritual, relational and practical resources in a journey towards hope and transformation. Rooted in Christian mercy and love, we reach out to the communities of Toronto.

Toronto, Canada - Souls For Christ ($3,000)  |  VISIT WEBPAGE
Souls for Christ Ministries is a Home Missions Ministry that is reaching Toronto, Canada’s largest city. With more than 5500 homeless people living on the streets in Toronto, now is the time to help the homeless and unsaved come into saving relationship with Jesus.


Kenya, Africa - Peter Franz ($10,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Gospel Fire International is an organization that seeks to change the heart, mind and attitude in people, who in turn together with others will transform their communities in a positive way.

Liberia, Africa - Dan & Donna Davies - PAOC Missionaries ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Dan and Donna have a passion for ministry in missions, building capacity in Liberia that will bring the Good News of the Gospel to the lost. Dan and Donna worked for the past two and a half years in Canada, providing training for over 200 missionaries for overseas ministry. Dan is an MK, born in Vancouver and raised in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Donna has worked in Women’s Ministries with Sandra Gill, ministering in over eleven countries – the latest ministry in India in 2010.


India/South Asia - PAOC ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
We are in over 65 countries, working and living alongside people who need the gospel to positively impact their everyday lives. We also have global workers in sensitive contexts whose countries are not listed below.

Cambodia/Philippines - Bible League ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
We equip local champions to bring God's Word to people living in spiritual and physical poverty. The power of the Holy Spirit is working to transform communities, and even entire nations, from the inside out.

Indonesia - Mustard Seed ($3,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Mustard Seed has expanded to other areas of Southeast Asia and continues to focus on building education programs. Through the schools we start, staff, and operate, we provide hope to our students, teachers, and the communities they live in. The education, training and discipleship they receive nourishes their hearts and minds.


Dominican Republic - Luz alas Naciones Ministries ($10,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
For over 20 years, Luz a las Naciones (Light to the Nations) has brought hope and change to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and India. Founded by Richard Brochu, LLNM, has served communities across the globe providing crucial support in areas like literacy, vocational training, hot meals and hope through the Gospel.

Uruguay - Alejandro and Mercedes Cetrulo ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
With a fresh vision and a new country call to Uruguay, the Cetrulos plan to engage in ministry which fulfills PAOC International Missions’ mandate of reaching the lost and caring for the poor and marginalized as well as spiritual and leadership training for people of influence.


Romania - Jennifer & Raz Iacob ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Jennifer and Raz, along with their three children, Jason, Asher and Chloe, aim to help the most needy children in Romania - abandoned children and Roma children. They are working hard to rescue abandoned babies from living in institutions and placing them in loving forever families. Until this special family is found, the Iacob family takes the infants into their own home, ensuring that they are well cared for and not suffering from the effects of neglect they would experience in the state institutions.

Portugal - Jorge & Jacinta Melo ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
Jorge and Jacinta Melo have recently been approved as PAOC Global Workers candidates to Portugal. They plan to use affordable media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and local cable television to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into every home in a nation that is in spiritual decline. They will come alongside local pastors and national leaders to multiply their efforts to reach the nation with the good news of the gospel, using media as an agent of hope and transformation not only for Portugal, but also to other Portuguese speaking countries.


Turkey - Jason Willis' Family - PAOC ($5,000)  |  VISIT WEBSITE
We are in over 65 countries, working and living alongside people who need the gospel to positively impact their everyday lives. We also have global workers in sensitive contexts whose countries are not listed below.

Helping Afgan Refugees ($2,500)