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This is a more detailed look at church life at MCA with all the information you need about what, when, how and where you can get involved. We offer a half of an hour class to help you discover what we are all about. Discover MCA takes place towards the end of the month on a per need basis.
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Our Story
In May 1978, the 3 acre plot of land at 6705 Sheppard Ave E. was purchased & the church was called Malvern Christian Assembly. The building when completed would seat 500 people in the sanctuary. In September 1981, the Dedication service for the building took place. In 1986, Phase 2 was completed and included the addition of the nursery, foyer and meeting place.

In 1999, Phase 3 was completed and the sanctuary could now seat 850 people. In 2002, Phase 4 of the construction was completed. This included new office spaces, a prayer room, a music room, a kitchen and a gymnasium.

MCA is now home to over 1500 people from 45 different nations. We gather every Sunday at 9:00am & 11:15am (new service time) for Praise & Worship, followed by a time of prayer & preaching of the Word. After each service, we have refreshments in the gym. We also have mid-week activities, including after-school programs, family night and sports. MCA is a great place to Believe, to Belong & to Be Loved! Why not bring a friend?

Our Values and Beliefs

Mission Statement
In the Power of the Holy Spirit, we will go into the community of Malvern, the city of Toronto, the nation of Canada and to the ends of the earth, and preach the gospel to all people, and make them into disciples of Jesus Christ.

20/20 Vision
MCA is a dynamic and diverse Spirit-filled church, committed to reaching thousands. Over the next 7 years we expect to SEE:

~Every Home in Malvern reached with the Gospel
~Every Believer becoming a Disciple; Every Disciple a Mentor
~Every Family member Trained & Equipped
~Every Gift fully Developed
~Every Act of Compassion & Generosity Extended
~Establishment of a Family Centre
~Enlargement of our territory by planting 7 new churches

Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths     Download File

MCA Consitution and Bylaws     Download File

Our Services
Worship is at 9:00am & 11:15am. Each service includes the same sermon and music. On your first visit, it’s best to arrive about 15 minutes early, or 30 minutes early if you need time to find your children’s classroom locations. Programs for children coincide with the services.

Our building is fully accessible.

Our Affiliation
We are one of 1100 churches affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

Visit the PAOC website.