Jesus is real and he cares about all of us.



Back during my final year of high school I was faced with deciding what I wanted to do in college. After what seemed liked endless nights of thinking about it, I decided I was going to study animation. I applied to one of the best schools in the field, and started working on my entrance portfolio. For months, I prayed and worked hard on my portfolio, up until the final hours before it was due. After waiting a couple of months for an answer from the school, I found out I was rejected. I remember being really upset, and for a split second started questioning God. That following September I went into a one-year program to refine my art skill, wanting to re-apply the following year. Remembering God is faithful I continued to pray, others prayed for me and I continued to lean on God and his word during this time. In May, after reapplying I found out I got into the animation program, and I gave all thanks to God. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,”…“plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Looking back at the first time I applied, I realized that I would not have been ready to take on that program and that I would have probably dropped out, and God knew that as well. We all, at times are faced with things we may not have planned or understand, but we must keep our sights on God, and trust in him at all times because he has plans for our lives.


After being let go twice in the manufacturing industry - I decided to start my own business, without knowing where the clients or money would come from. Growing up, my parents had always encouraged us to trust God with our plans. So I took God at his word as Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.” I must say that God never fails. Having mustard seed faith, I have learned to trust God with all plans, all through the years even when there were no jobs during slower seasons he always provides for my family and I. Remembering the first years after starting my renovation business, I could not find the money to pay bills, so I sat on my bedside reading the book Secrets of The Vine by Bruce Wilkinson, which says that we need to tell God exactly where it hurts and that’s what I did that morning and left it all to him. That same day the phone rang, it was a sister from church wanting me to do some work. I must tell you that from the first phone call, my phone never stopped ringing. Mark 11:24 says, “You can pray for anything. And if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours”. Through all this, God has been very faithful; he has helped me to accomplish so much and when we all continue to give and share what the lord has blessed us with, he will bless us with so much more in return.


I had an adverse reaction to a medicine that I was taking. It resulted in skin peeling, sores, and bleeding on my mouth, face and other body parts. It was very painful and I could not eat, sleep, work, etc. I could not bear to look at my face. Despite doctor’s visits, medicine and prayers I thought that this would never come to an end, but God healed me faster than I anticipated.


Earlier this year, driving in the centre lane at 100 km south bound on Hwy 404, the hood of my car, flew up and smashed the windshield. The noise was so loud and I was unable to see. A great fear came upon me, but at that very instant, I felt HIS peace and comfort and was able to safely manoeuver two lanes over without incidence to others around me. This was truly a miracle. I know that the Lord Jesus is always with me. His word says He will never leave me nor forsake me.


In 2008 my husband lost his younger brother to a drunk driver and so he started drinking alcohol as a coping method. That began a lot of verbal & physical abuse. In 2010, we lost our house & van & his mom passed away Jan 2011, and that point in time he was a full blown alcoholic & the abuse got worse. I decided to walk away from the marriage with 3 little children, but I never stopped trusting in the Lord for a miracle. On New Year’s Eve, in church with a black eye, I asked God to touch him right then and there. In February, he came by to visit the kids & not only did he stop completely drinking but he also stopped smoking. This was way more than what I asked God for. He has been alcohol & smoke free since. We just bought a house, a new van. The Lord has been blessing us abundantly, and our cup is running over. GLORY TO BE TO GOD!


We witnessed the power of the living, all powerful, all mighty God and the mercy of our Lord & Saviour Jesus. Our dad was kept alive by a machine for several weeks. All the doctors gave up on him and told us "we have done everything possible and provided every medical treatment and medication available". We prayed with the help and guidance of Pastor Ben of WOH Manila, and as a group decided we should not keep him on the machine. It was the toughest decision of our lives but on Sunday August 13th 2:30pm Manila time, we removed the life support. What happened next was pure miracle! My Dad started breathing on his own (although he was unable to breath on his own every single time the pulmo doctor was testing on a daily basis for 3 weeks), his oxygen saturation was 99-100% and pulse 80-89 in other words he was breathing NORMAL. Several days later, X-rays were taken and his lung infection and phlegm disappeared (to think that for weeks they were performing suction every 2-3 hours just to let oxygen pass through the tube). The doctors were perplexed. They expected us to take his body out that Sunday but by the 6th day he was discharged and is now being cared for at home by my siblings. It was the raising of Lazarus in front of our eyes. Read John 11. We know he still has a purpose for my dad. Thank you Lord for being with us, we trust you, we surrender ourselves to you. God is in control! For those still doubting, it's time to believe and time to ACCEPT! Make sure your names are written in the book of life.

The story of Jesus is an amazing one!

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